House Turned Inside Out: All Walls Cut, Flipped & Reattached

inside out house project

An ambitious art project, the House Turned Inside Out peals away facades, those outer layers of mystery physically surrounding abandoned buildings, and reveals the internal structure. From floors, rooms and walls to hidden support elements, heating fixtures and more, innards are turned outward for the world to see.

building facade home turned

Artist Martin Papcún (images by Ryan Pearl) “gained access to [this] abandoned Cleveland house and then convinced a building contractor, many volunteers, and city officials to allow him to alter the structure so that all of the interior walls were physically on the exterior of the house.”

inside building flip idea

One by one, each building face was carefully cut, rotated 180 degrees with the help of volunteers and a crane, then slotted back into the same place, just in reverse.

inside wall cut paste

Dilapidated, disused and ultimately deserted, the subject structure was reanimated in both a literal and twisted sense, like an architectural corpse come back to life. It is lit up at night, but the lights shift between rooms as if the house were still occupied.