House Turned Inside Out: All Walls Cut, Flipped & Reattached

flipped walls outside in

Like an architectural section showing the hidden insides of a planned building, each freshly-flipped facade in this strange installation project is structurally revealing, showing off hidden materials, textures and colors normally invisible or seen only from the inside.

wall spinning labor steps

At the same time, the process of flipping (unfortunately not in the sell-for-profit sense), also reveals the oft-hidden reality of interior decay, and makes a statement about “reversals of fortune” that can do and befall us all.

wall exterior reassmbly process

About Cleveland as context: “… bad housing loans, zero-growth, job loss, foreclosures were expressions we heard with numbing frequency. Cleveland was the epicenter of the housing collapse. Everywhere there one saw foreclosed, empty, forlornly abandoned homes.”