Function Follows Form: 18 Sculptural Home Furnishings

Turn your home into a gallery with functional furnishings that double as sculpture, like cabinets in the form of human torsos and beds shaped like roller coasters. These 18 designs blur the lines between furniture and art, blending gallery-worthy aesthetics with practical purposes.

Enignum Chairs, Tables and Beds by Joseph Walsh

sculptural furniture enignum 1

sculptural furniture enignum 2

sculptural furniture enignum 3

sculptural furniture enignum 4

sculptural furnithre walsh

Artist Joseph Walsh strips wood into thin layers to create incredibly delicate-looking sculptural forms that also function as an array of practical objects. “Using free form design allows the material to dictate the composition,” reads Walsh’s artist statement. “Tables, chairs, entire walls that don’t just straddle the universes of art, architecture and function but unify them into a beautiful equation.”

La Montaña Rusa Roller Coaster Bed

scultpural furniture montana rusa 1

sculptural furniture montana rusa 2

The shape of this communal bed and lounging area by artist duo ‘Los Carpinteros’ echoes that of a rollercoaster, the pink padded surfaces rising and falling in a reference to “the cycles of life, rest, dreaming, sexuality, birth and death.”

Human Figure Cabinets by Peter Rolfe

sculptural furniture peter rolfe 3

sculptural furniture peter rolfe 2

sculptural furniture peter rolfe 1

The nude human form becomes more than just a visual to admire in the hands of woodworker Peter Rolfe, who has created a series of figurative sculptures that are also cabinets. Drawers pull out of some unexpected places, the seams sometimes hidden so you have to paw around a bit to find them.