Love Hurts: First Aid Kit to Help Survive a Broken Heart

breakup survival med kit

Nothing but time can heal broken hearts, but there are some salves that can at least help bridge the gap between a breakup and happier times.

breakup med style kit

That is the idea behind this half-serious (and currently conceptual) relationship survival kit titled Love Hurts by New York graphic, product and packaging designer Melanie Chernock (images by Luke Nilsson).

breakup survival chocolate candy

About its contents: “Love Hurts contains all of the essentials for going through a rough breakup such as dark chocolate, vodka, bubble bath soap, a candle with matches, candy hearts, a mix CD, and if all else fails, tissues. All of the products come neatly packaged in a compact kit.”

breakup emergency supplies contents

Modern minimalist gift box meets traditional metal medical case in the simple red-and-white-themed design. The contents are a combination of cute, cliche and pragmatic  – really, no one should have to go through the end of a long-temr relationship without access to chocolate.