Mobile Cabins: Go Off Grid in These 12 Rustic Modern Designs

Load up a prefab cabin on a truck and drop it virtually anywhere you want to be. Rustic lodgings in remote locations aren’t what they used to be now that modern mobile housing is available in so many forms and price ranges, from tiny houses on wheels costing just $11,000 to ultra-narrow habitable garden sheds to cabins shaped like actual logs to take the typology to its extreme.

Escape Vista
mobile cabin escape vista

mobile cabin escape vista

mobile cabin escape vista 3

mobile cabine scape vista 4

The Escape Vista is a 160-square-foot, cedar and cortex steel cabin on wheels that can be towed to the location of your choice to take advantage of its many large windows offering views of your surroundings. There’s room for one or two, and despite its small size, you’ll have a bed, kitchen, dining or work table, lounge area and bathroom. The open interior is finished with aspen wood, and luxury features include solid butcher block tops, designer faucets, integrated solar power, a washer/dryer combo and a pop-up flatscreen television. It starts at $39,900.

Pircher Oberland
mobile cabins hangar

mobile cabins hangar 2

mobile cabins hangar 3

mobile cabins hangar 4

Hangar Design Group created this prefabricated, mobile metal-clad cabin for Picher Overland to blend into rocky mountain environments. Vertical wooden siding on either end mimics tree trunks, and the interior is lined in natural wood flooring and synthetic stone-toned tiles.

Flake House by Olgga Architects
mobile cabin flake house

mobile cabins flake house 2

mobile cabins flake house 3

This nomadic dwelling by Olgga Architects is like a modern take on the log cabin, camouflaged on the outside by fully-round timber siding. It stands on the site of Frossay in France, open to anybody who needs a simple shelter overnight. The proposal is “based on the concept of the ‘foil’, where the wooden structure is broken in two halves establishing a radical spatial boundary while materializing an unexpected entry sequence. an object, recalling a broken branch, whose unconventional scale is the main idea of the project: to be built-up, taken down, moved, pt down, left behind or taken along, inhabited or left to its surrounding.”

The Wedge: Luxury Rolling Cabin
mobile cabin wedge 1

mobile cabin wedge 2

mobile cabin wedge 4

mobile cabin wedge 5

This 400-square-foot luxury turnkey cabin by Wheelhaus features a spacious bedroom with a king-sized bed, standard-sized bathroom, fireplace, large windows, high ceilings and a private deck. Base prices start at $89,500.