Mobile Cabins: Go Off Grid in These 12 Rustic Modern Designs

Add-a-Room Prefab Cabin System
mobile cabins add a room

mobile cabins add a room 2

mobile cabins add a room 3

mobile cabins add a room 4

Design your own prefab cabin with various 15-square-meter modules made in Sweden, which can connect to each other in various ways. The Add-a-Room cabin system is shipped by truck and put in place with a crane and features ‘Super Wood’ cladding, in which Swedish spruce is impregnanted into the kernel without heavy metals.

Six-Sided Stilt Cabin by Jaanus Orgusaar
mobile cabins stilt

mobile cabins stilt 2

mobile cabins stilt 3

Irregular and geometric, ‘Noa’ by Jaanus Orgusaar looks strange and sculptural from the outside, but inside it feels like a little hobbit hole thanks to that big round window. Based on the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron, the house is placed on three stilts to make it seem as if it’s floating on air.

Hollow Log Cabin
mobile cabins literal log

mobile cabins literal log 2

mobile cabins literal log 3

This bizarre structure takes ‘log cabin’ to its literal extreme, mimicking the look of a gigantic log you can live inside. It would have been quite a mighty tree that fell to offer 450 square feet of living space in a 42-foot-long trunk. Originally created a a vehicle to promote tourism in Tasmania, the weird cabin went up for sale on eBay for $12,000.

Prefab Bunkie
mobile cabin bunkie 1

mobile cabins bunkie 2

mobile cabins bunkie 3

This cute little glass-lined structure is a modern take on the Canadian ‘bunkie’, or small rustic cabin. Made primarily from CNC-cut plywood, the cabin looks like someone drew a basic outline of a house, printed it out in two dimensions, and then stacked a whole bunch of them together to create a three-dimensional object. The spare interior is full of built-in storage, a stow-away table and chairs and a murphy bed.