Daring Dress-Up in All Kinds of Recycled Outfits

Fashion and advertising are so closely linked that it almost seems we could not have one without the other. These shots from the inaugural issue of Virgine Magazine marry consumerism with haute couture in a fantastically stylish and playful manner. Caution: one of the images below contains partial nudity.

Styled by Hissa Igarashi and photographed by Ryan Yoon, the series is called All You Can Get. It dresses gorgeous models not in high-fashion dresses, but in products and objects. From Coke cans to M&Ms to iPads, the unconventional “outfits” seem to be inspiring conversation about the ways in which we interact with the things we buy.

These consumer products are not simply being consumed as they usually are. They are acting as a covering for the very bodies that desire them and use them. It raises the classic question: do we consume the things we buy, or do they consume us?

Of course, the simplest interpretation is that the artists behind the shoot were merely creating a fascinating image. They achieved this by replacing high fashion with the kind of common, everyday items we would probably never associate with beautiful models.

However you choose to interpret the photos, they are undoubtedly visually arresting. They seem to blend the two main techniques of advertising – product-showcasing images and pictures of beautiful people – but recast in the guise of fashion photography.