Shock Value: Slightly Disturbing Ultra-Realistic Sculptures

Patricia Piccinini is an artist who likes to make people feel uncomfortable. She creates sentimental scenes full of love and motherliness, but starring human/animal hybrid looking creatures that give us the heebie jeebies. Her sculpture is so realistic and detailed that you can’t help relating to these creatures, that when it comes down to it, are just plain gross. Prepare to enter an intriguing world full of some incredibly realistic artistry.

(Images via virtualfunzone, zimbio, roslyoxleyn9)

Patricia Piccinini loves to awaken emotions inside those viewing her work, and there are few easier ways to make someone sympathetic than to make your subject matter a cute and cuddly baby… or, in this case, let the viewer waffle back and forth between cooing and cringing.

(Images via blueangeldesigns, usualvisual, artnewsblog, coolhqpix)

The emotions expressed in Patricia’s work is moving and sentimental, but as soon as one feels emotions stirring, they turn, as the otherworldly creatures that populate her work curdle sentiment into revulsion.

(Images via gowlangsfordgallery, zimbio, artknowledgenews)

Patricia Piccinini is not as well known for her photography, but the interesting mix of emotions her works elicit are no different. In her photography she contracts beautiful female forms with disgusting, naked rodents that look like the escaped from a lab growing human organs (ears).

(Images via brooklynmuseum, coolhqpix, metapedia, brooklynmuseum)

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. The love and attention that parents show their offspring, and the cultural view of this relationship make one almost feel guilty for being grossed out by these sculptures. It’s strange that the anthropomorphized moped sculpture is easier to understand than the relationship between Patricia’s other creatures.

(Images via newcastle, lunch, homepagedaily, theage, lunch)

The creatures Patricia Piccinini puts into her work all have a similar, animal/insect/human feel to them, as if something biological was thrown together with just enough human characteristics that we can’t take our eyes away. Then, there are the more insect/animal mixes, which are much easier to dehumanize.