Haircut Time: 25 Hair Styles That Will Blow Your Mind

As someone who has never said anything to a hair stylist beyond “Make it shorter,” I have a true admiration for people who step outside of the box and get truly creative with their hair. It’s rare to see someone nowadays with a magnificent mohawk, and though coloring hair is fairly common, the extent to which these hair artisans manipulate their appearance is amazing. Here are some of the wildest haircuts I’ve seen:

Sports Fanatics

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Sports fanatics are always finding new ways to declare their support for their favorite team, and though this usually involves branded merchandise or ridiculous makeup, some fans like to use every tool at their disposal.

Creative Shapes

(Images via paranoidpearcreativepics)

Why stop at creepy faces when you can use your hair to display any image you want? I certainly hope the guy on the left realizes his hair stylist did some creative trimming, and kudos to the guy on the right for adding some excitement to his hairstyle.


(Images via aboutbtnhboardmenhairbuzzlenofxofficialwebsite)

Mohawks are past their heyday, but it’s still easy to spot some who still sport the most badass haircut around. It would be hard to miss some of these hardcore mohawk supporters, as they have some of the most intense examples I’ve seen.


(Images via crazyfunnypictures, btnhboard, bizarrocomic, video2funny, everythingweirdvideolife)

It’s not uncommon to see little kids fooling around and pretending to have a face on the back of their head, aided with a backwards facing hat or glasses, but these people take it to the next level. I assume most people who do this are just looking for a temporary, hilarious outcome, but it looks to me like some of them have it as a permanent style choice.

Buzz Cuts

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A few stylists will add a small flourish when they’re buzzing a client’s head, but these stylists have created works of art. Geeks will be most fond of the Superman and Gears of War emblems.