Swinging Times: 13 Stylish & Fun Indoor Swings

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Growing up shouldn’t mean having to let go of fun and free-spirited activities like swinging from the trees – or your living room rafters. Indoor swings can be as simple as a piece of wood strung from rope, or as complex as a hip set of eight modern swings around a dining room table. Here are 13 examples of interior swings that will inspire you to turn your home into a playground for all ages.

Manu Nest Hanging Chair Made of Volcanic Basalt Fiber

Indoor Swings Manu Nest

The shape may be fairly classic by now, but one thing this particular hanging chair has that others simply don’t is its highly unusual material: volcanic basalt fiber. Extremely lightweight and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Manu Nest chair by Maffam can withstand 220kg (485 pounds) of weight while itself weighing just 15kg (33 pounds.)

The Swing Necklace

Indoor Swings Necklace

Designed to look just like an oversized beaded necklace, the Swing Necklace by German interior designer Johanna Richter is definitely a conversation piece as well as a fun and functional piece of furniture. 10 feet long, it can be adjusted to the desired height.

Swing Table by Christopher Duffy

Indoor Swings Table

Indoor Swings Table 2

Business meetings would be a lot less boring if they were all held at designer Christopher Duffy’s Swing Table. Sleek and modern, the table suspends eight seats from bars built into a simple frame that also supports an overhead light.

Bentwood Book-Shaped Swing

INdoor Swings Bentwood Book

Simple and ergonomic, the ‘Fugle Swing‘ by Pratt Institute industrial design graduate Christine Fesmire is inspired by Scandinavian bentwood design. “I was intrigued with the impacts emerging from Scandinavia in the twentieth century and I wanted to bring this fascination closer to my image what a swing for adults could be. The practical issue of comfort and my aesthetic determined the overall shape.”

Simple Living Room Swing

Indoor Swings Simple Living Room

As captured in this image by photographer Nicolas Matheus, an indoor swing can be just as simple as one you’d find hanging from a tree in the backyard.

Parade Swing by Julie Couch

Indoor Swings Parade Julie Couch

This design from Julie Couch Interior Design is reminiscent of cozy Southern porch swings, but it’s upholstered for extra comfort.

ME&U Upholstered Swing

Indoor Swings ME U

This U-shaped upholstered swing hangs from the ceiling with a wire, and comes in a range of colors and interchangeable fabric covers.