Swinging Times: 13 Stylish & Fun Indoor Swings

Swing with the Plants

Indoor Swing with the Plants

‘Swing with the Plants’ by Marcel Wanders is so very A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and it doubles as an actual planter. Built-in pots on either side allow vines to grow directly up the ropes.

Hanging Bed Swing

Indoor Swings Hanging Bed

This image of a bed repurposed into a comfy, nap-worthy swing might get you thinking about transforming a garage sale find, toddler bed or stack of pallets into something fun for your own living room.

Colorful Swing

Indoor Swings Colorful

This swing by Alexandra Angle Interior Design provides a nice pop of color as well as fun seating.

Circular Swing

Indoor Swings Circular

Featured in the now-defunct Cookie Magazine, this indoor swing by French company Reso Design is reminiscent of a hula-hoop.

Acrylic Bubble Chairs

Indoor Swings Acrylic Bubble

Eero Aarnio’s 1968 mod design is now a classic, and few furniture items can better encapsulate the style of the ’60s. It’s still fresh and modern all these decades later, and it’s fun to feel like you’re floating in an orb.

Wooden Swing Bench

Indoor Swings Wooden Bench

Simple, natural and elegant, this wooden swing bench could inspire your own DIY creation, or just prompt you to bring an ordinary porch swing inside.