Invisible Graffiti: Uncanny 3D Overpass Art Simulates Transparency

3D graffiti artist Milane Ramsi has combined two challenging types of urban art into a single installation, making a concrete pillar appear to vanish while producing three-dimensional lettering.


The installation wraps a concrete support post for a highway overpass in Karlovy Vary, a city in the Czech Republic. The work spells the artist’s name in reverse, appearing to pierce the pillar thanks to a combination of colors overlaid on a simulated background. The purple gives a general shape to the work while the yellow adds apparent depth and dimension.


His other works range from tags to 3D-looking works that appear to pop off the wall, but this particular piece combines elements that span graffiti types and styles.

tree wrap

In invisibility aspect is reminiscent of another clever work of roadside art, a wrapped tree designed to look like it has been cut across the middle, leaving the top half portion of the trunk and branches to seemingly float on air. And below: Tree Line by photographer Zander Olsen.