Human Body Museum: Undulating Design Wins Competition

museum of the human body

Its organic form fits its function as a Cité du Corps Humain (Museum of the Human Body) like a metaphorical glove – interlocked fingers were, in fact, part of the conceptual inspiration for this new museum in France.

museum site aerial view

museum curves design detail

With a medical school more than a millennium old, Montpellier is a fitting location for a nearly 10,000 square-meter place for people to “explore the human body from an artistic, scientific and societal approach through cultural activities, interactive exhibitions, performances and workshops.”

museum night curved path

museum exterior roof renderings

Working with local firm A+ Architecture, BIG was first shortlisted then selected to complete the project. Their ability to format compelling modes of visual communication no doubt helped improve their prospects with the jury.

museum natural shape diagram

museum city park connection

Weaving together nature and the city, a series of indoor and outdoor spaces interlock to shape programmatic and public areas. “The museum’s roof functions as an ergonomic garden – a dynamic landscape of vegetal and mineral surfaces that allow the park’s visitors to explore and express their bodies in various ways – from contemplation to the performance – from relaxing to exercising – from the soothing to the challenging.”