Sticks & Stones: Land Artist Shapes Natural Objects into Organic Architecture

Color, shape, texture and structure form the basis for these cairns, mandalas, spiral and hexagons, set against scenic backdrops where the materials were found.

In a tradition often traced back to Andy Goldsworthy, artist James Brunt makes “creates elaborate ephemeral artworks using the natural materials he finds in forests, parks, and beaches near his home in Yorkshire, England,” reports Colossal.

By design and necessity, each of the works is inherently temporary, destined to follow and entropic path back to chaos once left to the forces of nature.

And while all of these works take time, the stacked stone cairns are particularly impressive — and probably the first to fall back apart when left alone.

But Brunt photographs each piece after completion, creating a record that will outlast the work, and sells prints as well.