Split & Slide: Modular Dividers Make 3 Rooms in Single Space

modular room system design

Complimenting a flexible open area on one side of this apartment are a series of suspended separators that provide storage but also move along rails, opening up a variety of additional functions on demand. If the system looks familiar: it is based on the sliding stacks often used to save space in libraries.


modular space kitchen view

modular space bedroom

modular bedroom configuration open

Designed by PKMN Architectures in Madrid, Spain (with images by Javier de Paz García), this cost-and-space-saving solution employs relatively cheap materials including engineered particle wood boards (composed of glued wooden flakes) and a ceiling-hung system of industrial rails.

modular living room space

modular room shuffle sliding

modular room system

modular osb oriented board

The three suspended sections offer shelves and cabinets and variously create a kitchen, dining or living room depending on how they are configured and positioned relative to the room and one another.

modular murphy folding bed

modular living room blackboard

modular apartment sliding rooms

modular cooking kitchen closeup

Fold-down tables and a fold-out bed are able to be accessed as needed while the walls are variously occupied by storage, openings or unique decorative, fun and functional touches (like a blackboard for sketching ideas during meetings).

modular room changing gif

Sliding panels can also provide privacy when desired, separating the more open space from the modular-room side of the apartment. The fixed-in-place spaces are reserved for open living and dining areas as well as a bathroom in one corner of the unit.