Designer Sci-Fi: Ferrari Spaceship Takes Luxury Sky-High

ferrari spaceship 2

Given how far away we still are from personal spacecraft, perhaps it’s not surprising that most design concepts for extra-terrestrial ships haven’t evolved much in the last couple decades. Concerned more with practicalities (and budget constraints) than aesthetics, even NASA has stuck to the same-old same-old when it comes to spacecraft design, but a fun vision of the future from Ferrari’s design director gives us some hope.

ferrari spaceship 1

Known for incorporating Ferrari design sensibilities into all sorts of sketches, Flavio Manzoni doesn’t disappoint with his spaceship concept. Fluid and reflective, the ship is just as sleek as any of the real-life luxury cars that Manzoni has designed, including the LaFerrari supercar.

ferrari spaceship 4

The ship is divided into two shells by a signature red line, and two wings wrap around the lower section of the body.

ferrari spaceship 3

Unveiling the sketches and renderings at Form Trends, Manzoni says it started as just a bit of fun, inspired by his childhood living at the top of a six-story building and imagining a UFO landing on the rooftop terrace.

ferrari spaceship 5

“I tried to imagine something that can fly in the future, since there will be less and less space available on the ground,” says Manzoni. “And I focused on creating a little craft that’s different than my childhood dreamm, when I thought that a car of the future would slip on a cushion.”