Spooky Street Art: Halloween Graffiti All Year Round

Halloween is one of the big seasonal favorites, but the love for the creepy and scary doesn’t fade as the year wears on. Street artists inspired by one of the kookiest holidays like to immortalize Halloween themes on urban walls to be enjoyed year round. Here are some of the greatest examples of Halloween street art around:

(Images via unurth, aspersores3, solaris100, vandalog)

Monsters can lurk in the strangest places… hiding among the detritus of our urban landscape, there may be only subtle clues that something creepy is nearby, or it may dominate an entire wall.

(Images via businessofstreetpainting, artofthestate, biglittlerr, artcrimes)

Jack O Lanterns are the mascot of Halloween as much as the Turkey is the mascot of Thanksgiving – making it an incredibly popular icon of a street artist’s favorite holiday. Halloween is a celebration of mayhem and some artists take this spirit quite seriously.

(Images via putsonline, gammablog, graffhead)

Sometimes a small Jack O Lantern isn’t enough; in these cases, artists can cover an entire wall with a scene straight from a Boris Karloff favorite. Here are some great scenes from city walls.

(Images via seriouseats, missionmission, vividunderground, sweetcandycorn)

People are fascinated by candy corn way beyond any reason. For an odd tasting seasonal treat, it has quite a street presence, from graffiti to modified street cones.