High-Tech Pixelstick: Light Painting in the Palm of Your Hand

animated rainbow art

A game-changing invention for the art of long-exposure illumination, Pixelstick takes light art to new levels, enabling beginner animators to participate and advanced artists to evolve their craft in amazing ways.

animated graffiti tags

Having already raised four times its $100,000 crowfunding goal on Kickstarter, the popularity of this incredible gadget speaks for itself – but no worries: you still have one month to back the project. Their short promotional video is a must-see illustration of the vast possibilities.




The breadth of possibilities is breath-taking, from graffiti tags to animated rainbows (above), mesmerizing patterns to abstract compositions (below).

animated art patterns

The gadget’s creators point out that light painting dates back nearly 125 years yet the tools used to create it have evolved only on the side of cameras and not in terms of the actual methods of illumination.

animated light art stick

animated public stick art

The founders of Bitbanger Labs saw this market void as a worthy challenge and began experimenting with drafts and prototypes, slowly developing a handheld wonder with powerful features even they did not anticipate at the beginning.