Mini Book of Major Events: Whole World History in Your Hand

mini book major events

In a handful of pages in a book the size of a fingernail, this book artist tells a minimalist story of life on Earth, illustrating pivotal moments with brief text and tiny images.

mini life arises page

mini dinosaur extinction page

mini fire discovered page

mini agriculture planting page

A beautiful bit of hand-bound book art, The Mini Book of Major Events is just one of a series of micro-volumes made by Evan Lorzenzen, all of which pack large ideas into the smallest space possible.

mini the plague page

mini electricity discovered page

mini first contact page

mini book of major cover

Of course, selectivity is key – which events warrant mentioning when space is at a premium? Then, how does one illustrate these most effectively at such a minute scale?

mini book wordless volume

tiny book folded open

little book inside pages

little book of big ideas

Along similar lines, The Little Book of Big Ideas tackles large and important concepts from war and death to love and infinity, again with lovely drawings alongside each.