Woven Like a Nest, This Digitally Created Pavilion is Made of Recyclable Plastic

Looking like an oversized bird’s nest, this cozy pavilion is not quite as organic as it seems, its flowing walls made out of strands of 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE.) Designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel of UNStudio for the pavilion series Revolution Precrafted, the ‘Ellipsicoon’ features a sinuous design created using 3D modeling computer programs, but its strands are hand-woven by traditional craftspeople. Its alternately raised and sunken surfaces offer places to sit or lounge, while the roof provides shade and openings let in a little sunlight.

“I have long been interested in exploring spaces which extend function to replace the reality of the everyday with the potential for more nuanced, reflective experiences,” says van Berkel. “The Ellipsicoon offers a place of temporary disengagement, where the practicalities, duties and interruptions of daily life can momentarily fade and the imagination can take over.”

The Revolution Precrafted series of transportable pavilions features designs by some of the world’s most renowned architects, including Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Sou Fujimoto and Kengo Kuma. They see the pavilions as a new way of collecting and experiencing art, immersing oneself in intimate designer spaces. The project aims to democratize high design by making it more accessible to the public.