36 Breathtaking Steampunk Computer, Speaker & Mouse Mods

As steampunk connoisseurs and hobbyists become veterans at their craft, they’ve been increasingly turning their cog-loving eyes toward their most modern fixtures: their computer and accessories. These artisans have always had a field day retro fitting their keyboards, but monitors, mouses, and flash drives are all becoming targets of the steampunk obsessed. Take a look at 36 of the most breathtaking steampunk computer mods:

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Computer monitors have always been drab affairs, but they’re also the focal point of any steampunk project. Old monitors are a great fit for large cabinet-style setups, while the more modern flat screens are perfect for the sleek elegant look. What’s the use of having a beautifully modified monitor if the rest of your setup screams Office Max?

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One’s computer mouse is typically one of the dullest computer accessories, but it’s also one of the coolest to modify. As long as it can slide, and has a few buttons, anything goes. Most modified mouses require a lot of bronze, and either down and dirty minimalist structuring, or incredibly ornate and gilded styling.

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Many steampunk computer mods combine every aspect of the setup into one gorgeous theme. The speakers, monitor, hardware, and mouse all become a part of one incredibly intricate machine. Any visitor to your home will be impressed.

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The hardware for a desktop computer is typically kept in an incredibly boring tower under one’s desk. Even as  more modern computers begin to escape the tower setup, it’s still an easily modified piece of equipment, and some steampunk enthusiasts take advantage of its size to create large contraptions that look straight out of a Victorian scientist’s lab. Granted the last image is clearly just for costuming purposes, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to see an operational model make the rounds.

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The computer keyboard has always been a favorite with steampunk hackers, as it doesn’t need to be upgraded or replaced as often as other aspects of the computer, and lend themselves beautifully to one of the steampunk lovers favorite decorations: typewriter keys.

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Datamancer is famous for his steampunk modifications, and he’s even devised a simple and elegant way to hide his scanner out of view, by giving it the appearance of an oversized ledger.

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Steampunk modifications almost always have more form than they need to function, but that’s a lot of the fun. Speakers are no different, with a lot of creative types hearkening back to the old style vitriola that used to sit in a great grandparent’s living room.

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Flash drives may not be the most exciting piece of computer equipment, but they are on hand a lot of the time, and they’re easily modified into something that’s actually quite beautiful. Throw on a few gears and cogs to make it look like the drive actually does some physical work, and you’ve got yourself a memory stick straight out of the 1800’s!