Playing With Food: Fruits & Vegetables as Temporary Art

food photography

Romanian photographer Dan Cretu loves to play with his food. His series of food-themed photographs takes everyday foods and turns them into something that looks far more permanent.

food photography dan cretu

Cretu takes normal pieces of food, then cuts and bends and twists them into shapes that make up objects we see and use every day. The exceptional food sculptures are created without the use of Photoshop or other digital manipulation.

regular objects made of food

What Cretu does require, however, is speed. All of his sculptures have to be constructed and photographed within a few hours before the food begins to get squishy and unattractive.

photography with food

One of the more interesting aspects of Cretu’s series is the juxtaposition of the very temporary pieces of food and the far more permanent objects they become in the photographer’s hands. Cut oranges which right now look just like bicycle wheels will, very shortly after the photograph, look like withered piles of decaying fruit.