Astronaut Suicides: Darkly Humorous End-of-Era Reflections

Astronaut Suicides is an artistic end to a half century-long journey. Portland, Oregon photographer Neil Dacosta depicts out of work astronauts, with no prospect of manned missions in the future, facing their termination with a grim literality. 

(Images via astronautsuicides)

Neil Dacosta’s dark and topical images are an absurd homage to a space program that no longer needs its most human element.

(Images via animalnewyork)

The recession has affected everyone in different ways, but sometimes the direction of an entire nation can leave people in the dust. Hopefully the creative demise of these astronauts is tragic with just the right element of the absurd.

(Images via neildacosta)

Dark laughter can help one get over a difficult situation, and few people need a laugh as much as NASA employees right now. One day they may rise again, and in their wake a new dance will emerge: The Mars Walk.