Circuitboard Artwork: A Gallery Inside Your Computer

Circuitboards are tossed into landfills by the ton; one of the most consistent computer remnants that aren’t easily recycled. These easily recognizable bland green boards aren’t always so boring, and some intrepid artists have come up with eye-catching and creative techniques to cut back on waste.

(Images via massimofarina, inhabitat)

While these shoes don’t seem very comfortable, they have enough computing power to walk you down the street and back (kind of). Created as a piece of art rather than a functional piece of apparel, these Nike branded circuitboards are an interesting idea for future recycling projects.

(Images via sabrinazart, greatgreengoods)

Some artists have melded the technological and the spiritual worlds by creating circuitboard based portraits of religious icons, such as the Virgin Mary. One doesn’t usually consider religion and technology as a perfect match (though there’s nothing inherently separating the two), so these icons are quite unique.

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If you were a real tech geek, your car would be slathered in circuit boards as well. The aesthetic is definitely interesting, and it’s certain that the driver loves all the attention.

(Images via nerdarts, dailyartmusepremalanay)

There’s something inherently beautiful about the printed patterns on circuitboards, and some artists have capitalized on that feature by creating gorgeous and functional art. These boxes would be impressive if they were designed without the use of circuitboards, so the fact that they were recycled makes them that much more amazing.

(Images via recycle4acause, metrogadfly)

Artists who enjoy the implications of circuitboards as representations of technology enjoy utilizing them as foundations for their mixed media artwork.

(Images via mopo, abovetopsecret, abovetopsecret, searchcio-midmarket, engadget)

Microchip art isn’t visible by the naked eye, so one is unlikely to randomly stumble upon it. Created during the manufacturing process, these images are typically etched in a corner of the chip that is unused, as a kind of signature of the designer. Anything from animals to famous television characters can be found lurking amongst the transistors.