Tiny Japanese Flip Books Filled with Secret Slots & Negative Spaces

flip book negative space

Pushing the limits of the traditional printing craft, these stunning little Japanese flip books illustrate the power of slicing, splicing, zooming and panning, all to create a series of vertigo-inducing effects, dizzying optical illusions and plot twists that take on a quite literal dimension.

gif dizzying flip books

Flipping through the pages of these creations of artist Mou Hitotsu reveals a series of hidden surprises, including embedded objects and stories that unfold in the void space cut out progressively in sequential sheets of each volume.

gif flip book design

Some of these play into abstract and surreal short stories about planetary systems or biological processes while others are simply used to convey holiday-themed wishes.

flip book secret surprise


Spotted by Travelry during a book convention, there are a number of works in this series from JP Books, each one playfully using similar devices to tell different tales as the pages unfold.