Colorful 24-Hour & 365-Day Clocks Tell Time in Hues & Seasons

A revolutionary desk and wall clock design overlays a time-telling dial on a gradient of colors balancing dawn, noon, dusk and midnight to show you the time passing as a function of 24 rather than simply 12 hours.

present wall clock device

present time seasons

This new clock, dubbed Today, is a followup project to The Present, another wall-mounted timepiece that traces the course of the year across all four seasons, likely tied to a color spectrum.

time perpsective

day at a glance

Creator Scott Thrift explains his design inspiration: “The creative adventure of producing, distributing, and giving talks about The Present gradually opened my mind to seeing time as a spectrum. Think of it this way: on one end of the ‘spectrum of time’ you have the standard clock that reveals every second of every minute of every hour at a glance.”

balancing timepieces

“On the opposite end of the spectrum we find The Present. As a balancing corrective between these two points on the “spectrum of time” is Today, a timepiece that reveals the entire day at a glance.”

wall mounted time piece

clever time piece

Of course, there is no limit to pushing boundaries when it comes to time tracking. Perhaps a clock that measures years of a life or a speedy timepiece that spins with every heartbeat will be next on the list for Thrift.