Tiny Row House Installation Restores Missing Addresses

Amsterdam Urban Intervention 1

Taking a stroll along Westerstraat in Amsterdam, you might notice that an entire clump of houses seems to have disappeared. The addresses jump from 54 to 70, with nothing but a four-inch crack between them. Where did those houses go? Ad agency Natwerk has its own creative take.

Amsterdam Urban Intervention 2

Amsterdam Urban Intervention 3

The agency restored the seven ‘missing’ row houses, building tiny models in the same style as the full-scale homes that surround them. Just barely peeking out from the dark void, these cute little sculptural installations invite passersby to stop and look closer.

Amsterdam Urban Intervention 4

Urban interventions are a fun way to temporarily alter the environment in public places. Some are fleeting, like chalk tracings of shadows that document a passing moment, or tiny, like Slinkachu’s miniature scenes. Some require no more than a couple plastic eyeballs to make people smile. Others are more disruptive, altering familiar objects like street signs, trash cans and traffic markings.