Weird Wooden Room: See the Sea From A New Perspective

wooden room 1

Two perfect rectangles of sea and sky are framed like paintings within a surreal wooden observation structure, inviting visitors to experience coastal Denmark from a new perspective. ‘New Horizon’ is a sculpture by Paris-based firm Atelier 37.2 created for the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea festival, drawing in guests from a forested path right to the edge of a hill overlooking the water.

wooden room 2

wooden room 6


wooden room 5

The accordion-like structure stretches in two angled sections, one open to the surrounding woods and the other an enclosed room filled with a chaotic assemblage of planks. This room looks dramatically different depending on the time of day, with sunlight streaming in and highlighting the space itself in the morning. As the sun makes its way to the other side of the sky, the space darkens, putting the focus squarely on the framed viewpoints.

wooden room 4 wooden room 3

As the artists themselves describe it: “Playing with classical perspective deconstruction, from the inside the horizon line disappears. Experience the landscape as two monochromatic ever-changing Rothko paintings.”