Boats + Yards: Dutch Architects Convert Cargo Ships into Waterfront Homes

Lifting cargo ships out of boat yards in the water up onto adjacent land, a Dutch design firm is creating a series of creatively recycled estates using maritime vessels that are no longer seaworthy.

The Dutch firm, Studio Komma, has dubbed their project the Marine-doc Estate. Their process involves matching different ships to ideal lots and landscapes while also maximizing connections between land and water.

The former merchant ships are spacious, lending themselves to large outdoor areas and expansive greened roofs. The original metal will be cut into to create windows and doors, but left sufficiently intact to retain structural integrity. Each ship is different, resulting in a series of unique homes bound together by a shared nautical heritage.

According to the architects, original features such as the stern, wheelhouse and foredeck will be enhanced with “sleek geometric shapes” on the exterior, combining modern features with original details. Measuring up to 200 feet in length, the elongated volume of the interior will be broken up with flexible partitions that will enable future residents to personalize the layout.