Sibling Spaces: Modular Rooms Made for Brother & Sister

modular kids room moscow

For getting things done: a static, serious and refined work space is shared by the siblings. For everything else: there is a playful flexibility to be found in movable modules, hanging hammocks, cozy nooks and hidden ladders.

modular room upstairs hammock

Designed by Ruetemple for a family in Moscow, Russia, this children-centric interior balances the need for serious engagement with studies and self-determination outside of school-related activity (plus perhaps lessons in sharing and diplomacy all around).

modular multi level rooms

On the main level, across from the work zone with its ergonomic chairs and built-in shelves, is a three-piece system of modular parts – set apart visually via the use of darker wood.

modular bedroom layout box

The constituent elements can be spun and situated on demand, turned into a hangout space, living room or bedroom (or whatever else the kids can come up with, for that matter).

modular brother sister interior

Upstairs under a slanted roof are nooks for sleeping, reading and storage that can be made into more private bedrooms, again allowing freedom for self-determination in terms of sleeping arrangements.

modular childrens room office

The hammock is naturally a permeable mesh, and allows light to pass from one level to the next while also making use of what would otherwise be lost potential floor space.