Retrofuturistic: Randy Regier’s Vintage Toys of the Future

You may not have heard of Randy Regier yet, but you’ll be glad you did. This Maine based artist creates amazing works in a faux retro style that shows a high regard for the reckless optimism and futurism of post war America. Randy handcrafts toys and creates humorous packaging that exemplifies a bygone era in American culture. Take a tour of Ryan Regier’s portfolio:

(Images via meca, riverfestival, interim director)

Randy Regier makes aesthetically impressive pieces out of a diverse array of materials. He avoids hacking apart toys and simply mixing and matching parts; choosing instead to create these works from scratch. Their intricate packaging is beautiful and realistic enough that it takes a minute for the humor to come through.

(Images via pressherald, circleintosquare)

Regier’s current exhibit is a store called NuPenny that appears in Maine towns for several weeks, never opening its doors, and then moves onward. The inside of the store is surreal and entirely monochrome. Well lit from the inside, the store is art that doesn’t reveal its nature. Passerby are powered by their own curiosity, and find its hard not to press their face against the glass and stare in wonderment.

(Images via jonathangrubb, nupenny)

A closer glimpse at Regier’s NuPenny creations reveal an intricate array of pieces that look like they arrived via time machine. Interviews revealed that each piece reflects a song lyric that he finds memorable. Each piece has an identifying code created via a teletype guide, that reveals some insight into Ryan’s thoughts about the piece (but he will never reveal the lyric).

(Images via interim director, interim director, arttattler)

The “Impending Future Bus” is one of the most stunning toys from Regier’s collection, and is entirely handmade. It exemplifies the sleek lines and domed appearance that we now only expect to see in vintage art and magazines. This is a genuine work of art, however, so it’s not something you should play with.

(Images via interim director, randyregier, interim director)

Regier’s humor comes through most obviously in his action figure collection, including his “John Manshaft” series that pairs gorgeous manly artwork and packaging in a hyperbolic style with a semi nude action figure that’s remarkably bland both in appearance and accessories.

(Images via jkcf, decordova)

Toys are not the only target of Regier’s attention, as he creates installations of a much greater scale as well. Pictured is one of his largest pieces, entitled “Windowkammers” was typically set up hastily in an outdoor location as if the alien spacecraft had just landed.