American Idle: 12 Weird & Wonderful Drive-Thru Businesses

Drive-thru is all about fast food, fast service & fast company though getting what you want without ever leaving your ride can get a little weird at times.



Drinking and gunplay: two things that should never be done in a hurry, not to mention together. That’s what makes “Double Shot Liquor & Guns Drive Thru” so disturbingly delightful. While far from being the only drive-thru booze & boomstick emporium – think about THAT, if you dare – the Schulenburg, Texas business stands out thanks to its creative name and the ever-changing messages on its sign.

Mourning Commute



It’s not just life in the fast lane anymore. Sure, funerals can be uncomfortable and “viewings” are a tad creepy. That’s still no excuse for- er, actually it IS an excuse for drive-thru windows at funeral homes! Obviously there’s some demand for this feature, as the Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Michigan has drive-thru counterparts in California, South Carolina and Virginia. When drivers pull up to the bulletproof glass (why bulletproof?) window, a motion sensor draws back the curtains allowing mourners to pay their final respects to the en-casketed loved one. Would you like flies with that?

Fastest Cash


We’ll bet this is one of Chumlee’s ideas. If you’re looking to hock the family jewels on your way outta Dodge, then Dean’s Drive-Thru Pawn Shop in Oklahoma City is your one-stop-shop for a quick (and hopefully lucrative) getaway. All bets are off, however, if your clever plan involves driving in and pawning your car.

Fool Injection



A tattoo may be forever but ain’t nobody got time for that. Good thing there’s Outlaw Tattoo, your Route 66 headquarters for while-u-wait permanent body illustration. At least there was – the Tucumcari, New Mexico landmark appears to have been driven out of business, possibly by dissatisfied customers who own rough-idling vehicles. Kudos to Todd Longwood of A Love Of Two Brains for exposing this dist-inked drive-thru concept.


Oh, and for those who feel drive-thru tattooing isn’t too far of a stretch… yeah, what could possibly go wrong?