American Idle: 12 Weird & Wonderful Drive-Thru Businesses



Window-shop a witness for the prosecution? When the Kocian Law Group opened for business in a renovated former Kenny Rogers Roasters store in Manchester, Connecticut, attorney Nick Kocian figured the building’s drive-thru window would make things easier for clients wanting to drop off and/or pick up documents “We have drive-thrus for ATMs and we have that customer convenience,” stated Kocian. “Why not a law firm?” For that matter, why not Zoidberg?

Artistic License



Picture this, if you will: Bragging rights for the most ostentatious residence go to the owner of an ultra-modern home in Poland that features a drive-thru art gallery. Grey Poupon optional.



The Autofamily House, as it’s called, was designed so residents could admire their extensive collection of framed art every time they drove to or from their not-so-humble abode. Well, that’s one less First World Problem to worry about.




What do you want from life? As if Las Vegas weddings weren’t quick & easy enough, America’s gaming capital streamlines the process of getting hitched even further because just like fast food, fast marriages are meant to last. When things inevitably go down the tubes, regretful (or sobered-up) couples can opt for a Mexican divorce, a solid-gold kama sutra coffee pot, or a baby’s arm holding an apple.

Fuzzy Dice


If Virginia is for lovers, than Vegas is for drivers. Those who haven’t gambled on a drive-thru wedding can still be good sports: the Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino now offers lead-footed bettors a better way to be fleeced via their innovative drive-thru sportsbook. “We get an extra rush because of those (day baseball) games with people going to work or taking the kids to school,” explains Mark Nelson, director of race & sports at the Fiesta. Wait, kids?? Yessirree Bob! “They make the kids stay outside the casino, but I can come through with them out here,” states patron Mark Hearon. “Plus, my son gets candy.” Nice to know that even if Dad loses, his kids (and their dentist) still win.