Read ‘n Roll: Fantastic Newspaper Art of Nick Georgiou

Nick Georgiou is a Queens-born artist known for his use of the printed word as an artistic medium, but not in the way you think. He creates creatures and art pieces out of discarded newspaper and books, and has a penchant for depositing them in random locations throughout New York City. He creates anything from delightfully odd critters, to eerily depictive portraits. Here are some of his most interesting works:

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Dogs slinking down alleyways and rooting through trash aren’t that uncommon in a big city, but slinking dogs that are trash, is a little different. Enter Nick Georgiou, an artist who utilizes newspaper and book remnants to create odd creatures and sculptures to add a little wonder and thought to one’s daily stroll through the streets.

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When I imagine artwork made out of newspaper and books, I immediately assume it will take the form of some sort of collage utilizing interesting words or phrases together… I never expected to see portraits of people and animals appearing to be spawned straight out of a discarded pile of books, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

(Images via popfi, wpadc, myhumancomputer, leavesgrass)

Nick Georgiou’s tendency to place his art in random positions in the city make stumbling upon them that more exciting. Where one is used to seeing garbage piled on the side of the street, it’s an odd experience to see that garbage staring back at you with wild eyes.

(Images via romanywg, daylife)

Georgiou’s artwork can be found on street corners and next to lamp posts, but they’re also available in exhibitions, and peering through the glass windows of Georgiou’s hometown.

(Images via recogedor, chapmanlinks, myhumancomputer, conectaarte)

Seeing these newspaper creations outside feels right, since city slickers are so used to seeing the occasional tumbleweed of a newspaper rolling down the street. It’s interesting, then, to see Georgiou’s work fully framed and placed on a wall as if they were any normal painting or photograph. One doesn’t expect to see torn out books adorning an office or bedroom.