Touch to Open: Kinetic Doors Unfold Like Life-Sized Origami


Made of rubber, metal, glass and wood, these dynamic flip panel doors tackle perhaps the world’s original architectural invention in a series in a fresh, new and interactive fashion.


Each member of the Evolution Door set by Austrian artist, designer and builder Klemens Torggler involves a multi-panel contraption the flips open and re-closes in a fantastic feat of kinetic motion.


The steel version of the door is particularly ingenious as its space-saving method of action. Like its sliding cousins, it avoids the in-and-out motions of a typical doorway to minimize the space you need to set aside in front of or behind it.

klemens toggler glass door

The glass design uses a minimalist framework of structural supports, all of which then disappears entirely into a secret wall space hidden alongside it.

With steel and glass variants in particular, though, viewers are sure to wonder how one avoids getting a finger pinched if they are not paying full attention,  hence this short video regarding benefits of the softest member of the Evolution family.

flip panel door design

Aside from the finger-friendly end result, there is something brilliant in the common approach of these works: each bypasses all positions outside of the binary ones – these doors are either opened or closed between uses, never resting anywhere in between.