Volumes of Vertigo: Crazy Sideways-Library-Shaped Cafe

Walking into the Manhattan espresso bar D’Espresso, you would be forgiven for doing a double (or triple) take. Because this is no ordinary café – this place looks like a library that has been tipped over onto its side.

Using some very realistic life-size photos, designer Anurag Nema and his colleagues at Nemaworkshop created an incredibly convincing illusion. The smaller walls, floors and ceiling are all covered in tiles printed with sepia-toned images of books.

The wall in which the entrance is located is outfitted with frosted glass windows that let in ample natural light and closely resemble the “ceiling” of the room. The opposite wall is clad in herringbone tiles that look just like a rich wooden floor.

All in all, the effect is startling and more than a little entertaining. It calls to mind the optical illusion rooms found at some roadside tourist attractions, but the execution is infinitely more sophisticated and stylish.