Variations on Normal: Book of Absurdly Brilliant Inventions

dominic wilcox sleeping bed

The work of Dominic Wilcox is a wonderful blend of out-of-the-box design inspiration that, finally, you can get shipped to your door (in a box, no less!).

cost saving fence designs

duel use coffin workstation

Often intentionally impractical and definitively theoretical, the ideas found inside this 128-page book (as on his blog) are nonetheless extremely compelling. Presented as something between sketches and comics, they will challenge you to look at the world from fresh new angles, not to mention their pure entertainment value.

variations on normals

ladder escalator playful design

From mobile fences and motorized ladders to square peas and coffin workstations, there is always an element of functionality (hence design, not art) but also a playfulness to each piece.

square peas genetically modified

yoyo bungie system design

About his inspiration: “I’ve convinced myself that within everything that surrounds us, there are hundreds of ideas and connections waiting to be found. We just need to look hard enough. Some of my ideas develop from observations on human behaviour and I express them through the objects I create. I also experiment with materials to try to find surprises that can’t be found simply by thinking with a pen or a computer.”

scarf with integral propeller

variations on normal static

Wilcox lives in London but was educated at the Royal College of Art (Design Products MA) and the Edinburgh College of Art (Visual Communication BA).  More about his book and other recent works can be found on his website.