Bottle Caps: 31 Reasons To Create Gorgeous Recycled Crafts

Bottle caps typically only come to mind when one is cracking open a beer, or drinking a classic bottled soda. With little changes to the actual function of caps (minus the ability to twist off in some cases), the bottle cap is a holdover from earlier times and seems immune to change. As a raw material for crafting, bottle caps are given a new life as part of gorgeous and surprisingly functional works of art.

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Drinking goes along well with video game playing, so it makes sense that some geeks would put their piles of bottle caps to good use! Some classic pixelated characters are simple to replicate, while other subjects are much more complex. Regardless of the difficulty, the end product will pull the heartstrings of any true dork.

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It’s not uncommon to slap corny stickers all over one’s car, but some drivers like to give their vehicle a more unique look. Enter the bottle cap vehicles; a collection of cars that are covered in intricate bottle cap patterns and designs that are quite visually appealing.

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Bottle caps are not the first material one probably thinks of when contemplating a detailed portrait. Some artists relish using unique recycled materials, and prove to be up to the challenge of creating realistic portraits out of a difficult raw material.

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Bottle caps are a surprisingly handy tool for decorating household furniture. If one really wants to impress friends, why not create a bottle cap dress like the one shown above? There’s no doubt it would be uncomfortable, but it would also be the talk of the town.

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The incredible detail attained by some bottle cap artists is unbelievable. Portraits come to life as realistic depictions despite the mundane materials used to craft them.

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Lazy days on the beach inevitably end with piles of beer bottle caps and it’s nice to see some beach bums turning them into something that’s not only decorative, but environmentally friendly to boot. Artists such as John T Unger give bottle caps new life in these festive marine-themed creations.

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The next time one is looking for an interesting and fun craft project, or even something more ambitious, look no further than the counter after a big party. Bottle caps might be easy to overlook, but that just makes the challenge of creating stunning bottle cap artwork that much more enjoyable.