Living Room Nightmares: 33 Horrifying Pieces of Furniture

Furniture taste is a variable thing, but there’s no denying that these pieces are weird. Avant-garde, modern, and just downright painful, this furniture is not for the faint of couch.

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These pieces seem to belong more in a museum than a living room. Defying expectations of what furniture should look like, and still managing to be aesthetically interesting is an admirable feat.

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This is what happens when people wear their thinking cap too long. Creativity leaves the realm of the cool into something much stranger.

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There’s no denying that these items would spice up one’s decor. There is some denying that it would improve it…

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These are examples of how to truly anthropomorphize furniture; with some terrifying results.

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This furniture looks absolutely painful. Several of them were made for a gallery exhibition, but some of them were not. Half the fun is figuring out which is which!

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There is plenty of room for creativity in furniture, but this typically requires that functionality be maintained, and that users can figure out how to use it.

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A bit of industrial engineering with explosive results. Here are some examples of what to do with the defused naval mines sitting in grandma’s attic.

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There is ugly furniture, characterized by floral prints and outdated patterns, and then there is ugly furniture, characterized by looking like a hunk of meat, a scaly creature, or a pile of cow pies (middle right).