City-Sized Artwork: Huge Building Mural Spans 99 Structures

city sized aerial art

In his most ambitious and large-scale work to date, Felice Varini has created a perspectival piece that wraps around the entire historic core of Hasselt, Belgium, and can only be fully seen from above.

city perspectival art view

The work spans all sorts of downtown buildings, from the local cathedral to restaurants, stores and private residences, covering pieces of walls, roofs, sidewalks, and streets, all striped with white and playing a small part in the massive overall composition.

city spanning mural painting

city white painted stripes

The point of Trois Ellipses Ouvertes en Désordre is, in part, to create a public puzzle, causing people to wonder at the seemingly random components they see from any given perspective. The entire piece is only visible from the top of one local hotel, the Radisson Blu.

city sized art piece

To create the piece, light was projected on the buildings below at night. A team of painters then drew outlines around the resulting shadows and filled them in over the course of weeks using cranes to finish the work.

street art projected light

viewed from above

Varini is well versed in the art of view-specific installation pieces, some placed throughout interior spaces and others seen in open city streets.