Traditional to Contemporary: 6 Cool Custom Bedroom Lofts

loft rooms

Sometimes you have nowhere to build … but up. And really, there is something nice and relaxing about removing oneself from the main floor of a home – which can be done at times even in a one-story dwelling, as these lovely lofts illustrate.

loft bedroom manhattan skylight

Long and narrow is the name of the game in most of Manhattan, including the East Village where this condo by JPDA Architects is located. Taking advantage of a unique pop-up opportunity at the roof level, this stellar little bedroom manages to be bright and spacious while being tucked away at the top of a slim staircase (which doubles as drawers).

loft industrial bedroom study

Switching styles and approaches for a moment, consider this lofted space by Maxim Zhukov. Instead of lofting the bed, this industrial space lofts a little study above the bed instead, taking advantage of the vertical opportunity in a totally unexpected way.

loft a frame bed

loft bunk bed examples

lofted kids bedroom design

rustic cabin loft bedroom

For some greater stylistic variety, here is some (P)inspiration – a few Pinterest finds to pique your interest in other built-in and add-on ways to use existing or create new upper-level spaces for everyday occupation by kids or adults.