Totally Tubular: Industrial Furniture Engineered from Ventilation Ducts

A series of industrial steel ventilation pipes and copper sheet stripped from a scrapyard come together in this industrial-style furniture design dubbed “Tubular.” Typically used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, these standard-sized duct sections are surprisingly ideal for this kind of adaptive reused, designed to slot neatly into one another. Their modular nature makes them well-suited to curvy turns in tight spaces, too, as embodied by this chair.

Eindhoven-based designer Lucas Muñoz’s creation is roughly shaped a bit like the famous Vassily Chair (below) designed by Marcel Breuer of Bauhaus fame, except slim metal pipes are replaced by huge galvanized steel tubing (while brown brass replaces dark leather).

Its creator was inspired by elbow joints in his own studio and scraps from a junkyard, and wondered how these could be applied in a different context. “The materiality and shape – the practical means – of the industrial components allow them to afford a variety of roles if arranged in a way that offers some kind of furniture function for a domestic context.”

It was on display at Dutch Design Week, where participants were challenged to put everyday materials, components and objects in new contexts. Hopefully, this is just the start of a larger series — this strategy could make for a great table, among other things.

“I find a great richness in all these engineered standard components. Not only visually but also functionally. Great designers and engineers are behind all these industrial components, and they work hard in making their production and durability as efficient as possible. I find the potential for other functions in these materials.”