Artistic Edits: 14 Hilariously Revised Wonders of the World

Michael Hughes souvenir photography

San Francisco street cars in plastic? The Eiffel Tower in cheap bronze? A paperweight of the Great Pyraminds? When most people go to a landmark or tourist attraction, they take home a little kitsch to remind them of their trip. Michael Hughes prefers to re-do the attraction – inverting it in his own unique way and reversing the roll of the reminder and that which one is normally reminded of.

(image via: Daily Mail)

Born in Britain and now living in Germany, Michael Hughes is a freelance photographer who has gained international attention lately with his quirky photographs of tacky souvenirs perfectly lined up with monuments and landmarks. The attention has been so great, in fact, that the photographer was offered a book deal. He isn’t just about the souvenirs, though – visit his site to see some of his other fascinating projects and click below to learn more about this hilarious project.