Plot Twists: 27 Fan(tastic!) Home-Made Movie Posters

Fans with a ton of enthusiasm and even more photoshop skill have taken their favorite film posters to a new level. Fan made creations can be even more powerful than the real thing. Without strict marketing goals and restrictions, their passion for the film can shine through with even more creativity.

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The Batman franchise has been a fan favorite since the first film hit theaters in 1966. With several iterations and new films continuing to come out, there is plenty of room for speculation about the next great villains.

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Captain America, a Marvel mainstay, is making a comeback. With a new film coming out and a huge comic fan following, this movie has spawned a bunch of fan made posters that may even capture the character’s essence better than the real thing.

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The Harry Potter franchise is a powerhouse. With a legion of eager fans leaping at any chance to explore the world of Harry Potter, fantastic fan made movie posters have been cropping up with the approach of every new film.

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Speculative posters are just as popular as re-imaginings of old favorites. Fan favorite series are often the subject matter, as they allow the artist to create a vision across a range of films.

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The new Avengers movie is part of a superhero upsurge that is hoping to launch superhuman comic book characters back into the popular imagination. With this revitalization, a fan movement has begun, with fans exercising their Photoshop skills to come up with awesome speculative movie posters.

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The X Men series of films seems never ending, with new iterations cropping up every few years. For those fans who grew up with the animated series, a new set of films give them plenty of opportunity to flex their creative muscles and have some fun with their favorite characters.

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The Twilight series has taken over middle schools across the nation, and turned a new generation of female fans into Photoshop wizards. Even if one isn’t a fan, these posters are still impressive.

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Giving a modern movie a retro feel is an awesome way to practice art skills, with fantastic results. Recreating a movie poster as if it came out in a different era can help characterize that era by making the poster’s differences highlight cultural norms of the time. They also look really, really cool.