39 Adorable Handmade Finger Puppets & Crafty DIY Toys


(source: jennifer barnard)

Why have your child or a young relative grow up with the overly complicated, often violent, generic and mass produced toys on the marketing when you can keep it simple, fresh, and unique with finger puppets and toys you can make at home? With no moving parts, no choking hazard, and cheap and easy construction, finger puppets are a great gift and way to pass the time for all youngsters.

Abbey Christine’s Pop Culture Puppets




(source: abbeychristine)

Sure, the junior senator from Illinois is now the president of the US, and the woman who was once viciously attacking him every step of the way is now his secretary of state, but that doesn’t take away any of the charm from these finger puppets. Sure to bring a smile to any history class or political discourse, Christine’s pop culture finger puppets are both entertaining and a cool educational tool.

Lalootka’s Attic




(source: lalootka’s attic)

The latest creations from Lalootka’s Attic are quite predictably adorable. Photographed above are (right to left) hamster, pigglet (because of the Year of the Pig), dog, cat, and black sheep. Next time you’re trying to explain or otherwise reenact George Orwell’s Animal Farm you know how to take the pessimism down a notch.

Hannah’s Monster Mash




(source: hannah hoosier)

Who says monsters have to be scary and creepy? These monsters made by Hannah Hoosier for her numerous nephews and for her own 2 year old son are both cute and completely goofy. If you’re interested in creating similar works, she recommends Moxie’s tutorial.

3 Themes, Sets of 5




(source: eclectic-elements)

Eclectic Elements has a collection of 15 animal finger puppets bundled in sets of 5 and spread over three themes: zoo, farm, and rain forest. Each set is hand woven and comes with a 2x2x4 pouch while each animal is between 3 and 4 inches tall. Because all the animals (and the pouch) are handmade (in Peru), each creation may vary slightly from the next.