Build & Unbuild in 1 Day: Deconstructable Prefab House Moves with its Residents

mobile prefab

No stakes to pull up or new foundation to pour for owners of his prefabricated dwelling, an open-plan home designed to be built, taken apart, moved and reconstructed on demand. Its factory-made components can be shipped between sites, assembled in under eight hours and taken apart just as quickly. Disassemble, reassemble — it’s that easy.

detail prefab

Most campers and other mobile micro-homes come with a built-in problem: they can only be so large and still move easily from one site to the next. Designed by Kodasema, an Estonian collective, this house aims to bridge the gap between conventional domiciles and portable retreats.

prefab forest

The so-called KODA features a lofted bedroom, open-plan living space and requires only a 270-square-foot site for deployment. “When choosing where to live however,” note the architects, “we may take risks. It can be difficult to make major changes to a conventional home as inconvenient and extensive repairs are often involved, or even full demolition and reconstruction.” In short: their solution is efficient, economic and also ecological, optimizing use of time and materials while allowing for flexibility.

box home

“In our minds KODA can become whatever you want – a city-center home, a lakeside summer house, a cosy café, an office, workshop or studio or even a classroom.” Like any home, water, sewer, internet and electrical connections will depend on the site, though it can generate its own power through rooftop solar (and his minimal energy requirements thanks to quadruple-paned glass).

prefab front

The design puts communal spaces (living room and kitchen) out front and private areas (bathrooms and bedrooms) toward the back. It also can be tweaked to an individual needs.

prefab night

“Its clever design provides the inspiration to make best use of every square inch of space and envisage how the built-in components, even the walls, can be adjusted to meet their purpose most effectively.” (Photos is by Paul Kuimet)