Cycling Through the Trees: Circular Path Connected to Belgium’s Bike Network

European countries continue to blow the United States out of the water when it comes to encouraging the use of bicycles, with a fun new feature added to a Belgian bike path network. In the northwestern province of Limburg, an hour or so outside of Brussels, biking enthusiasts can now “cycle through the trees” on an elevated circular path.

Located on the Limburg cycle route network near junction 272 in Bosland, Hechtel-Eksel, “Cycling Through the Trees” allows users to feel like E.T. soaring among the treetops at heights of up to 10 meters (32 feet).

The new cycle path climbs gradually so that you can cycle through the treetops. You ride 700 metres along a cycle bridge – a double circle 100 metres in diameter – that slowly rises to a height of 10 metres before then descending again, giving you a sensational 360° experience! Safety is ensured thanks to a subtle wire net with a handrail, and the path’s three metre width gives everyone enough room. This makes ‘Cycling through the Trees’ an accessible experience for everyone.”

“Cycling Through the Trees” comes after the grand opening of “Cycling Through the Water,” another cool feature on the Limburg bike network emphasizing connection with nature. On that one, the cycle path stakes you right through the pond from one bank to another, below water level.

“You don’t need to wear wellies or a wetsuit because, as lucky would have it, you say on dry land. At one point you cycle with the surface of the water at eye level on both sides.”