Secret Engagement: Flat Ring Case Enables Surprise Proposals

As soon as someone pulls out a ring box the (wedding bell) alarms start sounding, hence this ingeniously slim alternative that packs flat into pockets and still doesn’t reveal its purpose once presented to a significant other.

surprise wedding ring reveal

wedding ring flat case

wedding ring case context

wedding ring case scale

From its creators: Clifton is a unique engagement ring case that can be easily slipped into the pocket or the wallet. The discreet design allows the case to be easily hidden without showing much profile. At approximately 1 cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with a delightful flower blooming effect when opened, enchanting the moment.”

wedding ring background work

wedding ring creation design

wedding ring process photos

While there are many other ways to surprise someone on this kind of special occasion, this approach seems particularly elegant as a solution. Its creator, Andrew Zo, is a packaging designer who delights in the unboxing process and has won awards and acclaim for this and other work done for both domestic (Canadian) clients and international businesses.