19 Crazy Offices That Think Outside The Cubicle

Reader beware! These offices will make anyone jealous. For anyone viewing this from inside the felt-covered walls of their cubicle, take hope in the fact that the office environment is slowly changing from being stodgy and uniform, into something reflective of a company’s personality.

(Images via chilloutpoint)

Google is known for their excessively awesome offices, full of extremely comfortable benefits (think massage chairs, super technological toilets). Google’s Zurich office is no different. It’s difficult to type with freezing hands, so the designers of this office decided to bring the winter inside. Workers can take a call on what appears to be a snowy slope, down to the ski lifts. When it’s time for a siesta, there are relaxing chairs set up for a lovely snooze.

(Images via inc)

Quid is an office of data scientists, and they turned their brains toward design when putting together their office. They exemplify the stereotype of the funky and creative startup scene. Plastic flaps create a meeting room just isolated enough for an intimate chat, without feeling closed in. Not having thousands of books doesn’t mean you can’t have a library. The subtle use of bookshelf wallpaper can easily create the illusion of a literary castle.

(Images via gameinformer, zekespaceylizard)

Mojang created a hit with their indie software, Minecraft, and decided to celebrate with an office as funky as their work. With lots of leather, billiards, and dim lighting, they create an awesomely cozy environment, almost like an overgrown classic home office. One of their meeting rooms has an intricate, Minecraft-styled mural that reflects their aesthetics while keeping it fun.

(Images via officefurnitureexpress, designguide)

The McLaren Technology Centre is located in Surrey, in the United Kingdom, and is the home of some of the coolest car designers in the world. It’s fitting, then, that their headquarters contain the same creative, cool design, as the vehicles they make. Based right on water, the view out of every window makes every office a winner.

(Images via businessinsider, officesnapshots, officedesigngallery)

JWT is an ad agency that has offices around the world, and they’re known for having some of the most unique styles of any company. The theme of each office seems to change from room to room, but they all flow together quite well. These particular examples are incredibly organic in style.

(Images via businessinsider)

Google’s Pittsburgh office really tried to do it big. The office has a two-story conference room and a mural of a famous bridge that adds a deep perspective to the room. One of the most interesting features is the giant overhanging hammock that’s perfect for grabbing a quick brain break, or chatting with coworkers.

(Images via thecoolhunter)

Edward Ogosta Architecture created this wild space for a media agency in Los Angeles. They literally turned the cubicle on its side, creating a sense of privacy while keeping the area open and communal. The bright design continues out into a perfect meeting space where the entire office can convene at the same time.