Space Age 3D Furniture: Skyscrapers & Rockets Support Stellar Tables

curved wave table

Furniture designer and sculptor Stelios Mousarris has added a new twist to his latest 3D-printed creation, taking a leap from sweeping cityscapes to impromptu launch platforms with a spaceship-supported glass coffee table.

rocket lift table

rocket slice

The Cyprus-based creator has “been collecting toys and action figures and anything nostalgic from my childhood until this day,” and wanted to recreate that sense of carefree creativity and imagination in this latest piece, turning toy-style rockets into the centerpiece of a clever table design.

rocket table top

rocket side table

The table’s creation “combines various techniques from lathe to 3D printing, resin casting and traditional hand carved elements” while “each of the individual rockets remain unattached to the glass, allowing the user to generate their own desired structure and configuration. The table is designed to tap into the playful minds of nostalgic adults and children alike.”

wave coffee table

wood table detail

wave table side

wave city table

wave wrapping city

In his previous works, Mousarris has taken an inception-style approach to wrapping cities, turning their inverted grounds into the supports for coffee and dining tables (using raw wood or added glass to top them off, respectively). The meticulously-detailed buildings become a layer of urban decor, allowing the rest of the materials to remain minimalist in their expression.